Monthly Template Kits #7: The Photography Site Kit

This month’s template kit will help photographers maintain a clean and pristine photography website. Choose your favorite photo creations

Photographers have a lot to show and tell. More than just the images they’ve produced, each picture also tells a story. But what’s the best way to present a large compilation of photographs and projects in a way that makes sense to both the artist and the viewer?

When we’ve come across photographer websites in the past, some of the mistakes we’ve noticed include the following: 

  • Focusing too much on design (aesthetics) and not enough on functionality/logic
  • Distracting backgrounds
  • Too many menu items 
  • Images are too small
  • Text-only blog pages
  • No explanation of the meaning behind the project images
  • Omitting a 404 page
  • Website isn’t personal enough
  • Overcrowding the header (or footer)

Let’s see how we can address these challenges in our brand new Template Kit #7: The Photography Website. Flourishing photographers are constantly taking more and more pictures, which means their websites are only growing. We’re here to help you make sure that just because your photo reels are becoming more robust, doesn’t mean your website can’t handle it.

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