How to Choose the Perfect Font for Your Website

Serif, Sans-serif, Display… Which font will fit your website? We’ve put together a guide with all the essential points that you’ll need to check
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Choosing a font for your website is an important task that can majorly improve or spoil the level of your website in seconds. Let’s assume that you have a dignified lawyer firm website with a lot of text and images that were taken by a professional photographer. Everything looks AMAZING. But the font chosen for the headlines is “Comic Sans”…

Can we still take this firm seriously? Will visitors see this as a dignified firm? Not really. All the work that was invested in the photography and content written has gone down the drain. That is probably the reason that choosing a font can be seen as a deterrent task. There are so many kinds of fonts in the world: serif, sans-serif, display… everything looks the same, right? Well, no. They are completely different. 

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