Online Strategy Workshops​

Do you often ask yourself any of these Questions?

Why do we need a Plan?

We know we need to blog...

What social Media do we use?

What do we post or Talk About?

Are you spending time and money trying to convert leads? Are you making the best use of current online resources to increase your business traffic?
This is where Web A-Team can help you in this whole process, utilising some of the greatest online automation tools and team we can have working for you and your business.
We will help you focus on the key questions that will help you define where you should be heading.
Do you think It’s important that you think carefully about what changes are you trying to effect in your customers or in the wider community?
We will show you why it is vital to your success to nurture your contacts. This way you can leverage your networks – both business and informal through carefully considered human and digital strategies.
We will help you define what are the smartest ways for you to achieve your defined and measurable goals.
We will go through a 9-step process during the online strategy workshop to build a great succinct strategy and action plan to take with you. This plan will enable you to move your business forward with concrete, measurable and achievable outcomes
Our brain storming sessions are legendary for bringing together and distilling many of current ideas within your organisation, generating new ideas, and creating a unique and tailored plan with a clear set of steps you can out into action to be sure your online strategy and effort is the best possible for your customers and potential customers.
The investment for the full day is $3497 and half day is $1997.
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