5 Essential Tips to create a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you know you need to be doing more to enhance your digital marketing but not sure exactly where to start?

Do you know you need to be doing more to enhance your digital marketing but not sure exactly where to start?

We could tell you that 58% of businesses with a good digital marketing strategy are more profitable than those that don’t have one, but you are smart enough to know that right?

You are investing in a number of platforms, creating content, SEO, paid marketing and are a bit lost as to whether you are doing the right thing with your time and money and all you really want is more sales.

You have downloaded a checklist of what you think needs to be done but in reality you have no actual blueprint for YOUR business to enable you to optimise your digital marketing with confidence and efficiency?

You know every business like yours needs a digital marketing strategy, SMART goals, KPIs, customised targeted content on your website and then shared across all your social media accounts to gain traction….then you will nail this thing won’t you?

But…. you are super busy running and building a business and whenever you find the time to actually sit down and work out this strategy (which you have now worked out via google also needs to be ‘integrated’ as well… integrated to, or with what?) the sheer volume of information often just overwhelms your and you go back to square one. Which is that you need to urgently create a focussed super awesome and integrated digital marketing strategy to achieve success.

And what on earth makes a good Digital Marketing Strategy anyway? 

Never fear – Web A-Team has you covered – here are our top 5 tips for winning at digital marketing (no, it does not include super useless tips like Step 1: Create interesting content). 

The key is to think about your business, your needs and your customer’s! Forget about deciding which platform you should be using for the moment and focus on what is really important and following this process you will end up with an amazing plan!

Tip 1: Why?

Think about why you are actually doing this? No truly, not for making money (but we do hope you are making money), but why? What gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you motivated to keep building your business. What differences are you making to the world?

Tip 2: What? 

What are you offering your customers?  

What value do they get from your products and services? What are your top ticket items that have the best impact? 

And most importantly what do you like doing? 

Getting these few simple questions clear will have you heading in a direction where you will spend more time doing what you love and ensuring that you are delivering more value to your customers and voila! This gives you the best ROI for your time and effort.

Tip 3: Who?

Did you know that many businesses design a digital marketing strategy without really stopping to think who they want as a client? 

Forget for just one second about who you think might be interested in buying from you, who is YOUR ideal client? What do they look like? Where do they hang out?

Whose life is going to be better for having bought a product or service from you? 

Are you looking for long term returning clients or are you looking for volume in a specific demographic? 

Once you have this nailed then you will be able to identify those customers that will bring the most value to you as well as those you bring the most value to. 

Tip 4: How?

Are you catching on? Now see how much easier this is becoming? 

You are starting to form the backbone of your digital marketing strategy now that you know clearly why, what and who.

The next step is how do you best communicate with these ideal clients/customers. 

How do you get their attention? Where are they? 

How do they buy? How do you attract them? 

How can you make them stay? How do you measure and capture their details? 

How do you convert views/visitors into customers? 

Tip 5: Brainstorm your “How”

This is the point where “Digital Marketing Strategies” experts usually start with a massive list of very very useful ideas. Notice that it is way down our list as – Web A-Team, however, believes that you and your team have a huge amount of valuable information within your business as to what tools you have in your toolbox already and what new and different approaches you might take. Here is where google is your friend and the usual boring lists for “digital marketing strategies” actually become a fabulous resource. <links to pages here> 

Pulling it all together: 

Now we really hope that you noticed something very different about all of these tips – none of them are about what platform to use, what marketing strategy template to use, to focus on video, facebook, SEO, etc… because those things are tiny pieces of your “How”, which is not the main point of doing a digital marketing strategy or plan… 

So what makes a good digital marketing strategy?

One that the process of creating one has given you instant ROI. One that is using the best ideas from you and your team. One that just in the act of taking time to think about, results in clearly defining the purpose and path for your entire business strategy (there you go, it’s already integrated baby!). One that gives you a clear mental image of your perfect customer or client – leading you and your team to walk through the steps of how you would engage with that person, thinking about what they want and what you want, because we know that sometimes… working a 9 to 5 as an employee seems more attractive especially if you have forgotten why on earth you are running your business in the first place.

Web A-team truly believes that being guided through this process with a focus on YOUR business  is vital. We believe in working with you to define your Why, your What and your Who. We know from working with many companies that you hold the answers! Once you have followed this process you and your team will then be perfectly positioned to take the next steps and create a truly tailored plan with expert guidance on the How. 

We will show you why it is vital to your success to nurture your contacts. We will help you define what are the smartest ways for you to achieve your defined and measurable goals. 

We will go through a 9-step process during our online strategy workshop to build a great succinct strategy and action plan to take with you. This plan will enable you to move your business forward with concrete, measurable and achievable outcomes.

Our brainstorming sessions are legendary for bringing together and distilling many of current ideas within your organisation, generating new ideas, and creating a unique and tailored plan with a clear set of steps you can put into action to be sure your online strategy and effort is the best possible for your customers and potential customers.

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